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The story: Mikey Sullivan is released from prison after taking the rap for his best friend. Determined to turn his life around, he struggles with addiction, anger and a low-paying mundane job. However, his old associates have different plans, and in a situation where nothing is quite what it seems, Mikey finds himself in a struggle for freedom, justice and revenge.

Screening: June 4 19:15 at The Renoir
Sreening : June 6 16:00 at The Horse Hospital

This film is based on the award-winning novel by Howard Frank Mosher and the story took place in 1932, just months before the repeal of Prohibition and two weeks shy of Wild Bill's fifteenth birthday.
Kris Kristofferson stars as schemer and dreamer Quebec Bill Bonhomme in a spellbinding tale of high-stakes whiskey-smuggling, a family's mysterious past, and a young boy's rite of passage.Quebec Bill, desperate to raise money to preserve his endangered cattle herd through a long winter, resorts to whiskey smuggling, a traditional family occupation. He takes his son, Wild Bill, on an unforgettable trip that will long remain etched in the viewer's mind: a journey through vast reaches of the Canadian wilderness and into a haunted and elusive past. What they find is the stuff of genuine legend.
Screening : June 3 18:30 at The Renoir
Screening : June 7 16:30 at The Renoir

Ryan is an uberslacker who is nonetheless willing to fall into accidental success. After losing his job the same day he is dumped by his yuppie girlfriend, Ryan gets a dispiriting job with a tacky lottery magazine, photographing winners and writing their stories.In a Mandarin language class Ryan is taking for work, he meets lovely Ming but unfortunately Ming is currently involved with a fast-talking scammer, Bryce. Bryce spots a money-laundering scheme involving the new lottery winners and Ryan soon launches himself into the lifestyle of the suddenly rich and not-otherwise-likely-to-be-famous. Soon, without a lot of thought, Ryan has got the sports car and leather jacket of moneyed youth -something that puts him at odds with Ming ,the beautiful set-dresser from class who just so happens to be in the process of breaking up with Bryce. All Ryan needs to do is convince Ming how different he is from Bryce, which proves a bit harder than ever expected.
Screening : June 6 16:30 at The Renoir
Screening : June 7 18:45 at The Renoir

A romantic fable/black comedy of sweetly odd proportions, Expiration date tells the story of Charlie Silvercloud III, a man with heavy ancestral weight on his shoulders: his grandfather and father both were killed on their 25th birthdays by milk trucks. So, he is just about to turn into 25 and he only has eight days left when he meets in the library a girl who won't let him die in peace.
Screening : June 1 21:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 6 21:00 at Horse Hospital

Two thirty-something New Yorkers meet for a blind date at a local diner in a rainy night in April. The successful, confident, but lonely, Stuart falls for the younger, reticent Nicole. As they progress from love to marriage to discussions about starting a family, their relationship faces the challenges of critical friends, emotionally demanding relatives, time-consuming careers, religion and the stresses caused by the endless negotiations all couples wage daily. Fearlessly intimate, "Flannel Pajamas" echoes the best, most reflective films of Eric Rohmer in its portrait of the path of a modern relationship.
Screening : June 2 18:30 at The Renoir

Screening : June 5 16:15 at The Renoir

Deep in the Louisiana bayou, Beauxregard `Beaux’ Dupuis and his mentally-handicapped brother Pemon live on a houseboat, and struggle to make ends meet with their bait shop. When Pemon is falsely accused of a crime, Beaux vows to defend his brother, as old prejudices and rivalries threaten to destroy the community of Little Chenier.
Subtitled A Cajun Story, the film is saturated in the atmosphere and culture of the bayou. The pacing, the terrific cinematography, the music and the English-lapsing-into-French dialect create an extraordinary sense of place and community, rarely seen on screen.
Screening : June 1 16:15 at The Renoir

Screening : June 3 21:00 at The Horse Hospital

Dan and Linda are two forty-somethings, living the bohemian life. They earn their crust from selling recycled items from garage sales and the trash; their favourite recreation is smoking weed; their idealism has long faded. All this changes with the arrival of Susan, an angry young pot-dealing radical, with a mission to shake them from their sexual and political complacency. As she becomes entangled with their lives, a far darker history emerges. What does it mean to be committed to a cause in an age of apathy?
Screening : June 4 21:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 6 14:15 at The Renoir

Cameron Kincaid is in deep trouble at school, with his family and with the law. His one hope is to win a fiercely-contested scholarship to film school – but how do you do that with no money and no crew? Enter Flash Madden – once a legendary gaffer from Hollywood’s Golden Era, now a broken-down old alcoholic. Can they, and Flash’s friends from the Motion Picture Retirement Home, turn it around? Can Cameron achieve his ambition of becoming The Man In The Chair?
Screening : June 4 16:30 at The Renoir
Screening : June 5 21:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 7 21:15 at The Renoir

Tanuj Chopra’s feature debut follows four days in the life of Mameet, a headstrong Indian-American teenager, lost in grief and rage after the murder of his basketball-star elder brother. A searing portrait of conflicted youth in New York’s South Asian community, "Punching At The Sun" addresses the challenge to family and tradition presented by a violent and cynical American society. With a hip-hop soundtrack from New York’s Asian MCs, and fiercely energetic direction, the film has drawn comparisons to the work of Spike Lee and John Singleton. Complex characterisation and performances complement a fresh visual style and great production values. It is a unique, angry and sensitive portrait of a second-generation immigrant community rarely seen on screen.
Screening : June 3 16:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 5 19:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 5 21:00 at The Horse Hospital

Headstrong mail-order bride Inge travels to the Midwestern prairies to marry the taciturn Olaf. However, her German origins provoke an angry reaction from the xenophobic post-World War One community. Despite this ostracisation, ever-present economic hardship and the lack of a common language, the couple gradually, gracefully fall deeply in love. Elizabeth Reaser and Tim Guinee are outstanding as Inge and Olaf, with wonderfully-cast support from Alan Cumming and Ned Beatty. David Tumblety’s breathtaking colour photography acts in harmony with the film’s impeccable period detail and design to make Sweet Land an essential American indie classic.
Screening : June 1 18:30 at The Renoir
Screening : June 2 15:45 at The Renoir
In a non-linear fashion, the film tells the story of three men, inextricably linked to a mysterious murder. Against the backdrop of a harsh Detroit winter and the brutal death of the eponymous low-level drug dealer, the film follows the victim, the killer and the homicide detective on the case - all named Michael Smith. The complex multi-level narrative presents an unwavering journey into violence, loss, and ultimately, redemption. Terrific performances and dazzling visual invention elevate the convention of the crime drama into an outstanding art-house debut. Screening : June 2 13:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 3 21:15 at The Renoir
Screening : June 7 21:00 at The Horse Hospital

In the wake of a sudden loss, Eddy skips town leaving his friends to mourn for him. A vagabond musician, Eddy runs until there is nowhere left to run to but home. The Pacific and Eddy captures the uncertainty of a time when identities begin to reveal themselves. Some self-destruct, others surge in this story that follows four characters as they each find their own way to deal with the loss of a close friend. In a supremely artful debut, writer-director Matthew Nourse shows sure handling of pace, mood and texture on the Pacific coastline of San Diego County. The naturalistic dialogue is well-performed by a committed cast, and Aaron Platt’s elegant cinematography supports the film’s beautiful and striking imagery.
Screening : June 6 19:00 at The Renoir
Screening : June 7 14:00 at The Renoir

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