Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Come and meet the directors


We just wanted to let you know that quite a lot of the directors are coming!! We have confirmation so far from:
Dan Lyon, director of the feature film unit for Telefilm Canada and executive producer of Everything’s Gone Green. He will be attending the festival and participating in panel discussions.
We also have the attendance of:
- Jeff Lipsky - Flannel Pajamas
- Ali Selim - Sweet Land
- Michael Schroeder - Man in the Chair

- Jay Craven - Disappearances
- Tanuj Chopra - Punching at the Sun
- Logan Smalley and his crew - Darius Goes West
- Paul Le Blanc - Millions
- Reginald Harkema - Monkey Warfare
- Jon Kean - Swimming in Auschwitz
- David Wachs - Holes in My Shoes
- Kit Hui - Missing
- Stephanie Carwin - Indiscreet

This is a great opportunity to come and enjoy the films, but also you will have the chance to meet them and there will be time for Q&A for the curious ones!!

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