Monday, 28 May 2007

This is who we are...

Hi again!Last week we informed you about our festival, films and other events going on. But now it's time to introduce ourselves...the team that is giving life to this festival for the first time! We are a group of enthusiastic people, and we all have in common the passion for films.

Peter J. Storey, Festival Director and founder
His film career began quite a few years ago, when he worked on the floor as a gaffer, working up from the most threadbare of student productions through to major Hollywood. His natural skepticism of hard work let him to retrain, taking a MBA in corporate finance, after which him spent several years producing and organising structured finance for international features. A passion for quality North American indies has led Peter to set up the Declaration FilmFest to introduce audiences to all the great films that often get missed across the Atlantic.
Some facts:
- The biggest gig of his lighting career was covering Princess Diana's funeral for NBC. - He once tried to explain the rules of cricket to Tom Hanks.
- He spent 15 minutes chatting up Heather Graham without having the slightest clue who she was. Got completely blown out, as you might expect.
About the Festival:
"How did got involved in the festival?, thought it up one night after a few beers." "Recommended films?: that's like Sophie's choice - I love `em all!"

Jeremy Platt is the Associate Director.

Tessa Beazley, Producer
Tessa Beazley has 10 years’ experience in the Film industry, working as a Producer and Production Manager. Previous projects include Mike Bassett: England Manager, Alien Autopsy, Jim Henson’s Mirrormask and most recently, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom for Yash Raj Films. She was roped into Producing the Festival by her boyfriend, AJ (a friend of Pete’s), and has been suffering chronic nervous mental exhaustion ever since.
Some facts:
- She takes very nice photographs.
- She and AJ have a Collie-cross dog called Red, who on most days can be found splayed underneath Sarah’s desk .
- She doesn’t have an ‘off’ button.
- She hates wasabi peanuts.
- She is the nicest person you are likely ever to meet.
Tessa’s Recommended Festival Films:
Features: Everything’s Gone Green and Little Chenier.
Documentary: Super Amigos.
Shorts: Redemption Maddie and Ninth Street Chronicles.

Julia Delmas, Press Liaison
Julia Delmas is acting as Press Liaison for the Festival and works for Screen Republic. She worked as a Script Supervisor and Location Co-ordinator for film & TV for five years, before succumbing to Pete’s professional charms and jumping aboard the Press boat.
Some facts about Julia:
- She has worked as a Press Officer for the Police.
- She has written two scripts, and is currently working on the third.
- She was a freelance fashion stylist in a previous life.
Julia’s Recommended Festival Films:
Feature: Man In The Chair.
Documentary: Before The Music Dies.
Short: Moi.

Julia has Tom Mcgrath as Press Assitant.

Richard Lister, Thecnical Consultant
Richard is the Festival's resident Technical Consultant and works for Screen Republic. He has 15 years' experience as a system developer and has worked for companies such as Accenture, TV2i, Sky, Cellcast and Scott Dunn. He got involved in the Festival "at gun point".
Interesting facts about Richard:
- He enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding and stealing other people's food.
- Also runs a small gardening business, and can turn his hand to anything and has even run a Hotel in The Alps.
- He can play the piano and likes to compose music.
Richard's Recommended Festival Films:
Feature: Man in the Chair.
Documentary: Darius Goes West.
Short: El Otro Lado del Pastillo

Terry Tsang is Richard's Technical Assistant.

Chloe Preece, Assistant Producer
Chloe Preece actually applied for the job, and has been considering getting her head checked ever since. She has worked with Film London, CBS News and has ongoing projects with Practicum Theatre. Her other job is writing theatre reviews for
Some facts about Chloe: -
She has more passports than she knows what to do with.
- She spent 3 years freezing in Canada before deciding to seek out some more miserable weather and moved to the UK.
- She "wants to be on a beach, far away…". Don’t we all?
- She speaks fluent French.
- She has a wonderful dress sense that puts the rest of us to shame.
Chloe’s Recommended Festival Films:
Feature: Man In The Chair
Documentary: Before The Music Dies
Short: Ninth Street Chronicles

Sarah Crisp, Co-ordinator
Sarah Crisp works as a 2nd Assistant Director and Production Co-ordinator for film & TV. Previous projects include Night Junkies, Iyi Seneler, Jhoom Barabar Jhoom and Dubplate Drama, Series 2. She was dragged into the fray of the festival by Tessa, and has since been trying to find a way to get revenge.

Some facts about Sarah:
- She used to direct for theatre before jumping ship 4 years ago to TV & film.
- She can manage to fall asleep “pretty much anywhere”
- She is very sentimental - if her house was burning down, she would stop to save her collection of 80’s kid’s cartoons, Mega Drive games and Asterix books- “so I probably wouldn’t get very far!”
- She comes from Churchdown, Gloucestershire, and enjoys going back for peace and quiet
- She is not ashamed to be a Take That fan!
Sarah’s Recommended Festival Films:
Feature: Little Chenier
Documentary: Super Amigos
Short: Ninth Street Chronicles

Ok, so this are the ones who spend his days in here all the time, but we have some more people working from different places or comming in when they can!! This is the big list!!!

- Keri Smith - Sponsorship and Events management.
- Paola Minazzato and Peter Bathurst - Programming Consultants
- Marcos Villalba Lopez - Graphic Design

- Marketing Assistants:
Leah Stipic
Tiru Thiruvilangam
Marianna Kaplatzi
Ying Xiong
Cristina Solomon...also...blogger!
-Office Runners:
Joseph Crone
-Red - Official pet of the festival

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