Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Let´s get this party started

Hi all!
There´s less than two weeks to go for this new and original
festival that tries to give way in to a different kind of film-making. A great selection of the best independent US and Canadian features, shorts and documentaries are going to be shown for all London. The screening will take place in different venues and days, so you can choose when is best for you and your friends!
This is the first time we´re doing this festival so we´re full of energy and enthusiasm to
get this project done. Our films are not the only events we´re preparing. We have discussion panels, parties, live music and charity galas.
The main purpose of this selection of movies is to show us all that North America is full of different stories, more than the ones that Hollywood shows us. Films full of content, criticism, diversity, humour and hope.

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